Your child helpers in the kitchen


Open season for baking cakes and if you spend a long time in the kitchen , then your smallest members will want to be in the same place . Although the kitchen is usually crowded vessels simultaneously, it can also be a place for entertainment. So do not be afraid of the presence of children in her kitchen and make interesting , because it will spend part of your family friendship. We made sure to find tips that will help you with that.

I want to see !

The most common words that tell the children : “I want to see ! ” The kitchen is designed to fit the size of adults , and to ensure better visibility of children , get a sufficient number of chairs that will stand your smallest. Thus, they will see what is in the container for mixing and making a full cup. The party starts !


Each of the participants receives an apron . Even the smallest member. With that children feel something happening. The cooking begin!

Damp cloth

To have constantly clean hands , place a damp , clean cloth on the counter. Thus, toes who violated the eggs will be immediately deleted and to undertake new action . Easier than the constant washing hands .

Do not forget the trash

For each member , provide a bag or container in which to ” radiate ” from the trash . So , you will run continuously through to the kitchen trash can , thus leaving children unattended.

Provide the necessary ingredients

Before you start cooking, make sure you have everything you need and put it where you can not reach. Thus, you avoid apologizing because of bad words that you said it when you realized that baking powder left in the store.

Everyone has a task

Make any tactic to assign to each his task. Make any tactic to assign to each his task. One of the children will make balls of dough else will violate eggs. This is one of the easiest things in cooking and the kids will enjoy it .

We do everything together

Because of their safety , you can ask them to keep you on the wrist while cutting something with a knife or something watering with liquid. So you make it work fast enough and with less stress.

Hands Up!

Let this become a favorite phrase whenever you notice that can happen something unexpected with children; or when trying to catch something hot, or when their fingers go to the edge of the blade. Feel free to say these words. Children not to frighten but to laugh and the risk is gone.

Clear away around us

Encourage children to clean up after them after you finish cooking. Put together dishes to wash, remove the ingredients that you used and the kitchen is not so chaotic, and you will have more time for yourself and your children

Rules are rules

You have to make rules that will follow no matter what . One of the possible , in our view, would be: children must obey the instructions. Young chefs must obey . No bad ingredients in mixing bowl , no grabbing , no disobedience. The kitchen should not be crying and banging . There is no whining . And those who fail to obey the rules , they can not participate in the preparation of beautiful cake.