Vegan diet


At sea diets that can be found, those who want to lose weight, they offer the most nutritional foods, but they actually are so fat that stimulate the body to accumulate subcutaneous fat. Furthermore, an eligible difficult period in which to reduce exactly the unwanted layer, using a lot of practice, denial, and starvation. Unlike such “diet” veganism is conceived as feeding simple meals, which has the exact amount that will keep your body satisfied, and you for the time you will lose weight.

What is it vegan diet and that vegans differ from vegetarians?

Vegetarians do not eat meat , fish or poultry, and vegans , despite being vegetarians , do not use any animal products . They do not eat eggs , dairy products, honey, and has an animal origin.

Why veganism ?

People choose to be vegan for various reasons such as health , environmental or ethical . Many vegans hereby wish to promote healthier and more humane world. Ie , going to change the world by changing ourselves .

The main place in a vegan diet are cereals such as rice, wheat,legumes plant such as beans, lentils, peas, beans. That legume is the main source of protein or protein in a vegan diet. But there are isolates of soy, such as tofu (soy cheese). Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts are also an excellent source of protein.

To get all the useful amino acids, an important combination of grains and legumes, because together they provide all the necessary amino acids and an excellent meal of rice with peas.

In a vegan diet is very important and vegetables such as carrots, celery, spinach, chard, kale, beet, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, courgettes, cucumbers. And since in itself have a lot of minerals and vitamins, algae are often found on the menu for vegans.

In a vegan diet dairy products are not consumed, but it is recommended consumption of drinks, rice, oats, and soybeans. Such milk cereals are often fortified with calcium, which in turn classical meals derived from milk and dairy products.

Oils used sesame oil, sunflower, olive oil and wheat germ. Butter and cream are not eating, and preference is given to virgin olive oils and cold pressed sunflower oil.

Vegan food does not contain foods from animal sources that are rich in protein, which provides additional energy. Because a vegan diet offers rich meals volumes, whereby you enter the required amount of energy. Therefore recommends eating three main meals and several smaller ones. Some meals are eaten cooked, and some raw, like salads. Such refine salads with lemon or vinegar.Vegetables, cereals, and legumes are prepared in several ways: can bake to simmer to cook steam and water, and some pickled and eaten raw. Cereals are recommended to be eaten as a whole or with the whole grain.

Candy can be consumed, but must be free gelatin, butter, cream and as in any other diet, is not recommended in large quantities. This diet is not controlled quantities of meals, but care should be taken at every meal import and grains and legumes and vegetables to encourage the process of weight loss.The advantages of this diet are that did not contain saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, hence, this diet is preventive when referring to the heart and blood vessels. Since it is rich in fiber, to constipation and lower blood pressure.


In a vegan diet, the chief drawback is that with her is entered less vitamin B12, which is not present in foods of plant origin. Although one form of this vitamin is found in fermented soy products, seaweed sprouts, and barley, he still is not identical with vitamin B12, which is effective in the body.But because the lack of this vitamin can be expected after long consumption of this food diet will not have negative consequences.

If a vegan diet goes a long way , then it is best to consult a doctor who will help in overcoming the lack of vitamin mentioned .

A vegan diet should be properly balanced and educated consumers enough to avoid a lack of certain nutrients in food security.

An example of a menu

Breakfast: porridge quinoa with dried fruits, nuts, and flax seed

Lunch: soup, beet santoku millet, cauliflower with parsnips, salad of fresh zucchini, grated carrots with dill

Dinner: tofu with vegetables, nuts and spaghetti Indian rice cooked in a wok pan-green salad with tomatoes and arugula seasoned with olive oil.

And here one menu to Beyonce for 22 days restore its slender placed immediately after delivery.


Fresh orange juice

1 slice whole wheat bread and 2 tablespoons peanut butter


1 cup soy milk with added calcium

¾ cup sugar cereals


2 whole tortillas stuffed with 1 tablespoon of beans

¼ tablespoon avocado

chopped tomato and lettuce if desired

barren kale with one tablespoon olive oil

1 cup soy milk with added calcium


tofu cheese

½ cup brown rice

seasonal fruit