Psycho -test: Which man will choose the picture?

Psycho -test Which man will choose the picture

This short psychological test will reveal what is your current emotional state and what they want.

The test is made by a British psychologist Pip Wilson and was intended for children 3 years of age to check as found in the new environment – kindergarten. But later I found that this test is applicable to all ages .

The test helps you discover what your true current condition, and to some extent reveals what your position in society.

For starters , select the little man who most looks like you , then how you would like to watch :

Explanation of test results:

1, 3 , 6 or 7- motivated person who is not afraid of any obstacles or barriers in life .

2 , 11, 12, 18 or 19 – If your choice fell on some of these numbers, it means that you are an outgoing person who will always support his friends.

4 – The choice of the dwarf as 4 defines you as a person with a stable life position, wishing many successes without difficulty.

5 – If you choose it under 5, you are always tired , weak and do not have enough life energy .

9 – If the dial-in number 9, you’re a cheerful person who likes entertainment.

13 or 21 – you are closed, are often exposed to domestic concerns and avoid communicating with other people.

8 – Want to drag yourself, think for yourself and fantasize .

10 or 15 – Currently you are in an optimal environment , you have a balance in life .

14 – are likely exposed to an internal crisis that must be overcome .

20 – The position number 20 usually choose people who have high self-esteem . You are a natural leader and you want people to listen to only your opinion.

16 – You have chosen dwarf number 16 ? Feeling tired of the need to care for someone , to support , but you can not change things .

17 – If you picked the little man under 17, you are always in the spotlight and sometimes overestimate .