Elevated blood pressure is a ‘ revenge ‘ hearts



High blood pressure ( PKP ) is actually the result of mental state when you are too focused on the rationality of a forgotten feelings . PKP comes from an imbalance ; when too much trust given the reason . People living ‘ in the head ‘ suffer from PKP . Relaxation comes from the heart . We should move easily between head and heart ; life should flow like a river between the two shores . If you catch only one bank , there is no flow .

In the West, many suffering from PKP because the forgotten language of the heart , because only the heart knows how to relax , only the heart can love . The heart knows that enjoys celebrating , singing and dancing .

The mind knows only go to the doctor , nagauta tithe drug or to go to a psychologist … You know that joke when boasting three mother whose son is the smartest ? Well , first he says : ‘ My son is the best student in class ‘ ; another says her son is only seven years old and already playing the piano like Beethoven and the third says her son is only five years and already knows I’m to go to the psychoanalyst , hahaha !

So , PKP is the result of the lost balance between heart and head . And because the heart is so neglected , that is – holy . Whenever any part of the body is left behind , he likes the attention . A heart is the most vital part of the body , the most basic ; can not live ‘ without the head ‘ but you can not live ‘ without a heart ‘ . Your head comes as an added luxury . Animals live without a head , without reason and – just them nicely . The reason is just people . Trees no head , no birds , no children , no mysticism … The head has a function – and use it – but do not let that head used you ! When the head begins to use you , you enter the anxieties and fears , and life becomes a torment . So , it should not be neglected . The No matter must follow importantly .

You can not neglect anything and not get in trouble .when the heart of a long neglected, may one day to ‘explode’, and it is called a ‘nervous breakdown’. Thus, due to the neglect of the heart, the first to suffer from 760C-Healthy-advice-blood-pressure-heart-in-the mind-jogifpoviĊĦenog pressure and anxiety and then when the heart revenge – crazy.

Both situations are bad; First you too normal / and a business too abnormal / a. A healthy person lives in the balance between ‘normality and madness’. A healthy person accepts and respects the irrational part of yourself because life is such; logic is good but is good and laughing. It is good to be serious but non-ozbiljan.760d-Healthy-advice-blood-pressure-jogif-woman-on-the wire

A skill is in balance. And that’s not the way to make a choice because the choice will be always of the mind. On the contrary, try to be spontaneous / a, no choice; when the funny – laugh when it seriously – be serious / s, when the sad cry, likes (a pain) … Life is walking on a wire.