Detoxification in 30 days

Are you lately feel somewhat grudgingly? May you have the feeling of weakness or fatigue? Do not be afraid, it is due to more toxins collected in the body during winter hibernation, but for this there is no cure! We offer a recipe for detoxification which can be either three days or thirty. The choice is yours!
Modern human beings are taught certain behavior. You like home recipes and specialties and your favorite chocolate and smoke cigarettes one after another because of your bad relationship with a colleague at work.
That they are one of the reasons why you feel that way, but after detoxification, you can get the body back again. There are many ways to do this, but the basis is universal.
1. Eliminate the negatives
This is usually the hardest part for people, but also the most important. You have to stop receiving in his body bad things to clear. You have in yourself a ton of coffee, God knows how many cigarettes. Stop eating burittos heated in the microwave oven and cancel from refined sugar and artificial preservatives.
Start with that. Dispose of chocolate out of the bag!
2. Eat healthy
There are few rules about healthy eating.
Eg. theory of nutrition according to blood group diet of our Paleolithic ancestors, or that vegan food which is eaten raw. What matters is this: the food we need. What you need to do is make the right choices for themselves.
If you eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts, you will know. It is the healthiest that you can do for your body. Nevertheless, we need other foods besides these, but all must be balanced. Remember the pyramid of food that you studied biology? Recall upon it.
Drink water
One of the most powerful ways to detox drinking water. Your body is made up mostly of water, so it is necessary for your survival . Remember: no matter what method of detoxification stick , you must drink plenty of water to cleanse your body.
When you exercise you sweat and sweat in itself has impurities and toxins are thus eliminated from your body. Exercise makes you physically stronger, but also sharpens your mind and cleanses toxins from you.

Detoxification in three days
Day 1: As soon as you wake up on the first day , drink a bottle of water. Water at room temperature, so as not to shock your body with cold from the fridge . Squeeze a little lemon juice and a little pepper , or as a substitute , a little ginger. Water will keep you from dehydration and lemon is an excellent antioxidant. Ginger gives energy , so warmly recommended.
For breakfast , do your smoothie of kale, celery, and cucumber.
For lunch , you can nibble celery and carrots dipped in hummus (made from chickpeas home , lemon juice oh and a lot of garlic ) . And eat some almonds too. For dinner make your tomato soup with fresh garlic. Garlic is a powerful herb that is very healthy and good for your purpose . Please note that you should have on your table daily, in at least one of your meals.
Day 2
The second day would be the same as the first . You will have water in the morning , your smoothie and celery for breakfast, and humus with celery and carrots for lunch. You can also drink and apple juice. In fact, you should drink about two liters of such natural juices throughout the day . In doing so make sure to be natural and no added sugar or preservatives. For dinner, you are allowed vegetarian sushi

Day 3
Once again water with lemon, known smoothie celery and kale , carrots, and celery with hummus , but for dinner, you can add a salad of tomatoes , chopped cucumber and parsley, seasoned with lemon juice and garlic.
After detoxification
It is also important what you do after detoxification . The important thing is to stick to the regime of healthy food. Do not consume processed or fatty foods. Eat raw fruits and vegetables instead of salty or sweet snacks and drink plenty of water.