Detoxification in 30 days

Are you lately feel somewhat grudgingly? May you have the feeling of weakness or fatigue? Do not be afraid, it is due to more toxins collected in the body during winter hibernation, but for this there is no cure! We offer a recipe for detoxification which can be either three days or thirty. The choice

Syrup of white garlic – more powerful than penicillin

Syrup of white garlic – more powerful than penicillin Garlic is a powerful drug used for centuries in many herbal medicines . He has antibacterial and antiviral properties , including its ability to stimulate the immune system . Garlic contains allicin and is more powerful than antibiotics and penicillin . Syrup of garlic is excellent

Elevated blood pressure is a ‘ revenge ‘ hearts

High blood pressure ( PKP ) is actually the result of mental state when you are too focused on the rationality of a forgotten feelings . PKP comes from an imbalance ; when too much trust given the reason . People living ‘ in the head ‘ suffer from PKP . Relaxation comes from the

Psycho -test: Which man will choose the picture?

This short psychological test will reveal what is your current emotional state and what they want. The test is made by a British psychologist Pip Wilson and was intended for children 3 years of age to check as found in the new environment – kindergarten. But later I found that this test is applicable to

Vegan diet

At sea diets that can be found, those who want to lose weight, they offer the most nutritional foods, but they actually are so fat that stimulate the body to accumulate subcutaneous fat. Furthermore, an eligible difficult period in which to reduce exactly the unwanted layer, using a lot of practice, denial, and starvation. Unlike

Medical diet

Medical diet got the name because it applies to patients who suffer from heart diseases, before surgery, should weaken, and yet not lose power. With this diet in five days, you can lose two to five, and 15 days from 10 to 15 kg. In doing so you will not feel exhausted and weak because

Your child helpers in the kitchen

Open season for baking cakes and if you spend a long time in the kitchen , then your smallest members will want to be in the same place . Although the kitchen is usually crowded vessels simultaneously, it can also be a place for entertainment. So do not be afraid of the presence of children

Babies and Sleep

The world appeared another wonderful baby . No mother happier than you. The baby is innocent and sweet,breastfeeding is going well  and you are at peace. But only got back home began questions: Whether the baby is sleeping enough? Why such a long sleep ? And what are these noises emitted while sleeping ? We