Care with apple cider vinegar


Looking for the best way to nurture your skin ? Do You sick of expensive cosmetics? Here’s something you can find in your kitchen .

Why vinegar ?

Vinegar has been used as a means of fostering ever since the Romans. With balsamic vinegar you can tint the skin and improve its circulation. Vinegar and antiseptic properties which protects the skin from bacteria and viruses. He also acts as a scavenger because you can clean all particles from the external environment that are glued to the skin. Of course the vinegar regulates the Ph. value of the skin and keeps it healthy and fresh. Here are some tips that will show you for what you can use apple cider vinegar.


Apple vinegar can use to thoroughly cleanse the skin. At the same time , it will help with reducing inflammation . Especially recommended for those who suffer from psoriasis or acne. Simply put a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe your face .

Face Mask

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and clay ( if you have clay , put baking soda ) . This mixture , apply it on your face and let it stand for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and feel the freshness .


This may seem like a strange recommendation, but you should know this: apple vinegar has antibacterial properties that can stop odor from armpits . Do not worry about sour aroma remains of vinegar . Leave to dry skin . The smell will be neutralized , and you will be satisfied by natural deodorant .

Treatment of fungal infections

If you have problems with fungi ( the nails, between the fingers ), then apple cider vinegar can be a good solution . Simply apply the vinegar directly on the affected area at least twice a day. It can initially little you pokey , but worth it to endure because vinegar can solve the strongest cases of fungal infections. If you need to apply for this medicine on children , dilute the vinegar with one part water.


Having fun in the sun and you feel it when you burned ? It is a painful condition , but if you find yourself in such a situation , dilute apple cider vinegar with water and place the solution on burns. You can add a cup of vinegar in a bathtub that swims .

Extracting toxins

If you need to ” clear ” of toxins , lie in a hot bath where you add a cup of apple cider vinegar. Enjoy the pleasant bathroom.

Other benefits for skin

On top of these benefits is the property of apple vinegar to discard dead skin cells to remove stains from the sun, to balance your Ph. level to reduce the occurrence of acne and accelerate skin healing . With apple vinegar, you can treat dandruff , get rid of stings of bees and wasps , reduce blood pressure , improve digestion , reduce candidate and clean and disinfect surfaces in the home.