Babies and Sleep


The world appeared another wonderful baby . No mother happier than you. The baby is innocent and sweet,breastfeeding is going well  and you are at peace. But only got back home began questions: Whether the baby is sleeping enough? Why such a long sleep ? And what are these noises emitted while sleeping ? We tried to find an answer to these dilemmas …

Your baby creates sounds while sleeping.

It is normal for your baby to create sounds while sleeping because these sounds are common. It usually happens when the baby passes from easy to tough dream. You happen to wake up in such a change of sleep but immediately falls asleep after a few moves and a few of these “strange” sounds. Sometimes parents are worried when the baby stopped breathing. Such a pause may last about 5 seconds. To make sure that everything is fine, get up close with your face to baby mouth and you will feel a tiny baby breath of your skin.

Your baby dreams much more than you.

It is known that dreams are only so-called REM phase , but while adults dream of 20 % of the time spent sleeping , babies dream even 50 %. And in REM sleep, restless baby breathes , his eyes sharp and can quickly be moving under the eyelids.

Your baby will spend a lot of time in bed.

Babies sleep from 12-20 hours a day, at least the first 3 months. But even so, parents often complain that they do not sleep sufficiently. It occurs due to noncompliance with sleeping babies . The baby sleeps in daily stages for a period of 2 hours per day and 4 hours at night. Some babies just a few weeks to get used to less sleep during the day and more at night, while others adjust to it might take more than a year .

The baby must sleep on their backs.

While still small , the only recommended sleep position is on your back, because it is the slightest danger of suffocation. The mattress should be hard enough for the baby not to sink into it, and the crib should not have any toys that could inhibit breathing or offend during sleep .

Make sure that room have a pleasant temperature. If you have central heating , put moisturizer on baby make it easier to breathe. The crib should not be placed too close to the radiator nor the impact of direct sunlight because it can disturb sleep. The baby should sleep in a proper sleeping bag or a soft blanket , but the head should never be covered to avoid choking.

Keeping in hands baby will fall asleep.

In your hands, the baby will feel safe and much easier to fall asleep . But keep in mind that you will have problems when you choose this way if oversleep always like this. This holding in hands should apply when you notice that the baby is upset and that something bothers him , but it does not apply this as a daily routine. It would be better if you put the baby in bed before sinking into a deeper sleep and quiet and soothing tone to speak until completely awake.

The baby will tell you when tired.

You , over time you gain your routine and you will know when the child has come time to sleep, but while quite small , it will not know. Signs that indicate that the baby wants to sleep following : starts to rubs their eyes, yawns , his touches the ear with his hands , crying for no reason. If the baby is clean and sieve and remains disturbed , then the time has come for sleep.

The baby initially distinguishes day and night

Newborns can not distinguish day and night, so it is necessary to gradually accustom yourself to it . When the baby is awake at night or breastfeeds whispered to him , do not let bright light and thus give it clear to the child that it is not a time to play. Therefore , daytime , space where the baby let it be bright enough , it is best illuminated by natural light. Of course, when this should be persistent because they will learn gradually.


Every parent spends sleepless nights with her baby

Many parents hope their babies will just be calm , but only to return from the hospital begins frequent awakening. Remember , the baby wakes up at night  to say that he’s hungry . It will gradually get used to longer sleep at night , but it will certainly take several weeks