Get rid of stretch marks with this natural product

Get rid of stretch marks with this natural product -Make Natural product which will reduce the visibility of stretch marks . Stretch marks are pale scars that occur in a sharp increase or decrease in body weight during pregnancy , growth spurt or hormonal changes. We present this natural product which is easy to do

Care with apple cider vinegar

Looking for the best way to nurture your skin ? Do You sick of expensive cosmetics? Here’s something you can find in your kitchen . Why vinegar ? Vinegar has been used as a means of fostering ever since the Romans. With balsamic vinegar you can tint the skin and improve its circulation. Vinegar and

Natural cough syrup

Very tasty and completely natural recipe for cough syrup , which can be used by adults and children older than one year . It is necessary to : 1 ½ cup of organic honey , ½ cup extra virgin olive oil , 1-5 organically grown lemon . All the ingredients mix well and put on

Carrot Muffins

Carrot Muffins ingredients 2 eggs 200 g . sugar 400g grated carrot 250g flour half baking powder cinnamon 100g raisins 50 ml orange juice preparation: Whipped the eggs and sugar . Add the flour , orange juice , cinnamon , carrots, and raisins . Good whipped ingredients  pour it into the prepared mold for muffins

Eat Carrots in the Polluted Cities and Have No Worries

Eat Carrots in the Polluted Cities and Have No Worries Studies show that carrots act as a “cleaner” in the body of harmful substances due to poor nutrition and due to a polluted environment and radiation. Carrots are biennial plant and used for feeding its root. He supplements are used: raw (like salad, a goal

20 healthy and natural habits for a flat stomach

All are natural and healthy, so no need to be afraid to try: 1. Start the day with ginger tea. It speeds up digestion and prevents bloated belly. 2. Instead of a standard breakfast, make an omelet of egg whites. 3. Eat a banana during the day. It is full of potassium regulating water retention

10 good reasons to smile

10 good reasons to smile People lately need more laughter. Fast life and arduous everyday life, often lead us to the edge of a bad mood. Therefore, our first task will be as soon as possible to escape from there. Wondering how? Nothing easier – simply smile. And loud! Here are some reasons that we

7 strange tricks with which you will surely lose weight!

Diet and regular exercise are not the only methods for weight loss in a healthy way. Therefore, below you mention the tricks that also lead to losing weight, but you would never say. 1.Drink vitamins In one study involved 96 obese women who were divided into three groups – those who drank vitamins, calcium supplements