7 strange tricks with which you will surely lose weight!

7 strange tricks (4)
Diet and regular exercise are not the only methods for weight loss in a healthy way. Therefore, below you mention the tricks that also lead to losing weight, but you would never say.

1.Drink vitamins

In one study involved 96 obese women who were divided into three groups – those who drank vitamins, calcium supplements and a placebo for 26 weeks. The group that drank vitamins finally had the least body fat.Doctors have concluded that some people eat more because they lack certain nutrients. Although only taking vitamins is not enough to lose weight, it can reduce the need to overeat.What you still unusual tricks can help you lose weight, read on the following pages …

2.Drink wine

A study from 2010, which followed more than 19,000 women for 13 years, found that women who drank one or two alcoholic drinks a day raised less than those who were not drinking or those that are too chicken. Weight have received at least women who drank wine.

  1. Turn off the lights

Researchers from the University of Ohio found that mice who had been sleeping in total darkness less prone to obesity than those who slept with bright light or even weaker light ( brightness of the TV screen or monitor ). It was found that mice who slept with the light in the habit of eating at odd hours ( the equivalent of eating late at night ).