20 healthy and natural habits for a flat stomach

Beautiful woman stomach isolated on white
Beautiful woman stomach isolated on white

All are natural and healthy, so no need to be afraid to try:
1. Start the day with ginger tea. It speeds up digestion and prevents bloated belly.
2. Instead of a standard breakfast, make an omelet of egg whites.
3. Eat a banana during the day. It is full of potassium regulating water retention in the body.
4. Dietary discard the garlic, artichokes, corn, kale, chard, and mushrooms. These foods are healthy but cause flatulence.
5. Avoid sweets and chocolates energy containing cereals and sweeteners.
6. Enjoy dishes with parsley , because it is a powerful regulator of digestion.

7. Enjoy and dark chocolate with 70 % cocoa.
8. Eat multiple small meals every 3-4 hours instead of 2 heavy .
9. Eat slowly . So prevent swallowing of air and letting the body enough space to properly digest food.
10. Sap replace them with water and lemon.
11. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks. Bubbles and sugar are the worst possible combination .
12. White bread, pasta and replace them with those of whole grains, because the fibers which are key to good digestion.
13. Avoid fatty foods difficult to digest.
14. At least 15 minutes a day hike.
15. During the day, drink one cup of ginger tea, but this time with cinnamon.
16. Skip the milk and dairy products that you produce flatulence.
17. Do not top up salt in food. Salt retains fluid in the body.
18. Make bath with a cup of sea salt. Magnesium salt stimulates sweating which are removing excess fluids and toxins from the body.
19. Alcohol also great enemy if you want to have a flat stomach.
20. If you are hungry, eat almonds. Тhey do not cause flatulence and you feel satisfied.