10 good reasons to smile

10 good reasons to smile
People lately need more laughter. Fast life and arduous everyday life, often lead us to the edge of a bad mood. Therefore, our first task will be as soon as possible to escape from there. Wondering how? Nothing easier – simply smile. And loud! Here are some reasons that we explain the good side of the smile.
Laughing relaxes the musculature in January
The muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and stomach easiest way to relax with a long and loud laughter. In this way, the aforementioned group of muscles will come to convulsive reaction that will loosen muscle tension and breathe immediately be easier
Have higher blood pressure? Smile!
Smiling helps lower blood pressure. The wide smile going on the offensive against cardiovascular diseases. Doctors, perhaps you should consider another profession?
And poor immunity has light
Studies have been conducted to prove the link between the wide smile and good health.
More laughter, less stress
The people who laugh more have lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. When levels of these hormones decline, the body becomes relaxed and you feel at ease.
Laughter improves sleep
Japanese researchers found that laughter in the late evening provides the body enough of the hormone melatonin in your body which is responsible for good sleep.
greater creativity
All those having trouble finding inspiration can do the following exercise: consciously let them laugh. Loud and the longer!
Better self-image
Do You want to leave a better impression on the people around you? Laugh. Laugh at others’ jokes and tell themselves. We would increase confidence and maybe you will win someone’s heart.
Laughter improves interpersonal relationships
Couples who are having sessions of laughter you improve your relationship and families who laugh at common lunches are able to better solve problems and misunderstandings.
Aggression? What was that?
Laughter is a kind of drug that helps people relax. As it reduces stress and tension in the muscles, so people become calmer and less aggressive.
Laughter increases lifespan
In a 20 year study confirms the connection between the positive attitude in life and longer life expectancy. All those who managed to keep a smile on their faces and in difficult moments, they continued his life of 7.8 years.